The Whisper of the Jaguar

The Whisper of the Jaguar is a queer-punk road movie, taking place across the Amazon and investigating indigenous knowledge and the experience of trance states through medicinal plants. By accessing the memories and traumas of her ancestors, the protagonist, Ana, who is carrying the ashes of her kuir (queer) activist brother, is confronted with her own imaginary perceptions of indigeneity, ego, and death in the contemporary political landscape of Brazil.
Between poetic images and performances, the movie deals with issues of youth, hybridity, postcolonial subjects, kuir sexualities, environmental destruction, medicinal plants, jaguars, and loss.

Director, Script, Production: Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Thais Guisasola 
Collaboration Script: Alicia Arteaga, Daniel Martins, Giovanna Pezzo
Director of Photography: Giovanna Pezzo
Art Director/Costume Designer: Alicia Arteaga
Assistant Producer/Direct Sound: Daniel Martins
Editor: Ilka Miriam Valdés 
Sound Designer/Mixing: Ruben Valdés
Colorist: Julia Bisiliat
Post Production Supervisor: Laura Futuro
Special Effects: Sunjha Kim
Design and Illustrations: Carlos Cabrices and Sergio Ferro
Asociate Proucers: Lillit, Drama Filmes, Martin Backhaus,
Dramaturgy: Laura Paetau, Margarita Tsomou
 Music by Aérea Negrot, Peaches, Mad Kate I The Tide, Royal Dust, Mercenárias and The Clitor$