The Whisper of the Jaguar

In a field of transgenic corn, an artist penetrates herself with a cob, ignoring how close she is of dying. Her sister follows her steps and carries her ashes, going on a trip through the Amazon that will turn into a spiritual search.
Director, Script, Production: Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau, Thais Guisasola 
Collaboration Script: Alicia Arteaga, Daniel Martins, Giovanna Pezzo
Director of Photography: Giovanna Pezzo
Art Director/Costume Designer: Alicia Arteaga
Assistant Producer/Direct Sound: Daniel Martins
Editor: Ilka Miriam Valdés 
Sound Designer/Mixing: Ruben Valdés
Colorist: Julia Bisiliat
Post Production Supervisor: Laura Futuro
Special Effects: Sunjha Kim
Design and Illustrations: Carlos Cabrices and Sergio Ferro
Asociate Proucers: Lillit, Drama Filmes, Martin Backhaus,
Dramaturgy: Laura Paetau, Margarita Tsomou
 Music by Aérea Negrot, Peaches, Mad Kate I The Tide, Royal Dust, Mercenárias and The Clitor$